Quick Answer: Sports Drinks Offer Some Advantages Over Water For Athletes Who

Which diet has been shown to increase an athlete’s endurance quizlet?

Which diet has been shown to increase an athlete’s endurance.

high-carbohydrate diet..

Which activity enhances flexibility the most?

6 ways to improve your flexibility1.Yoga and improved flexibility. Yoga is at the top of the list when it comes to flexibility. … Keep your warm up dynamic. … Vary your stretching. … Dancing works wonders for flexibility. … Pilates is great for posture. … Tai chi will do the trick for flexibility. … Try these simple yoga poses at home.

What is the best way for athletes to ensure they have adequate sodium levels in their bodies?

Strategies for Including Sodium2-3 Hours Prior to Training. Consume 16-24 ounces of fluid, preferably water and a sports drink that contains sodium and other electrolytes. … 30 Minutes Before Training. Drink 8 oz of fluid, either from a sports drink or water.During Training. … After Training.

What nutrient is important for athletes because it is needed for the formation of collagen?

Vitamin C is a major contributor to tissue healing, as it is involved in the formation of collagen, elastin, and neurotransmitters.

How can endurance athletes best postpone fatigue during their activity?

How can endurance athletes best postpone fatigue during their activity? ​Eat glucose periodically during the event. Calculate the protein needed by a male runner weighing 152 pounds who is training for an upcoming competition. He participates in sprints and hurdling races.

What is the most dangerous type of stretching?

Ballistic StretchingThe first kind of stretching is called Ballistic Stretching. Ballistic stretching involves the body bobbing up and down forcing a tight stretch out of a muscle. This is the least effective way of stretching and the most dangerous. It is very easy to pull a muscle by ballistic stretching.

How can I increase my body strength naturally?

Exercising regularly can help increase the resistance of your body by overcoming fatigue and help you stay fit.Even mild exercises such as jogging, walking or swimming for a few minutes every day can make you strong. … Include at least half-an-hour of strength or muscle training to your weekly exercise routine.More items…•

Which of the following is a good way for an athlete to increase glycogen stores?

Eat a high-carbohydrate meal within two hours after exercise. Eating a high-carbohydrate meal or snack shortly after physical activity will enhance glycogen storage in the muscles.

What is one effect of malnutrition on the body’s defense system?

Effects of protein-energy malnutrition on the body’s defense system include: the skin becomes thinner with less connective tissue.

Can low sodium cause excessive sweating?

Hypovolemic hyponatremia happens when both water and sodium decrease, but more sodium is lost than water. There are several common causes of sodium loss leading to low sodium levels, including diarrhea, excessive sweating, and vomiting.

Which drink would be the best choice when sodium levels need to be restored?

Sports drinks are ideal for athletes looking to hydrate and replenish after long, intensive exercise (usually greater than 60 minutes). Sports drinks contain a combination of electrolytes, carbs, minerals, and vitamins. This combination of nutrients serve to restore lost fluid and sodium levels.

What is the best fluid source for casual exercisers to replace lost body fluids?

Who’s it best for: Water is needed by both casual exercisers and hardcore athletes. For the most part, casual exercisers only need water to rehydrate; whereas, some athletes may need a sports drink, chocolate milk or tart cherry juice in addition to water to hasten the recovery process.