5 Points to Consider Before Making a Hybrid Mobile App

Hybrid mobile apps have become a major factor in mobile app development. By enabling developers to use web technologies (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) to target multiple mobile platforms from a single code base, rather than writing native code (Objective-C, Swift, Java, C#) for each platform separately, hybrid mobile apps can significantly reduce the time and cost of mobile app development.

Many companies jump at the opportunity to save both time and money, but in some cases, electing for a hybrid app can be a crucial mistake. This article discusses several points to consider before pursuing a hybrid mobile app approach.

  1. Understand what features require native code

It is extremely important to differentiate between something that can only be done natively and what can be done entirely within hybrid code. A general rule to follow is: If it is something you have seen a website do, it can be done entirely within hybrid code. If it is not, it likely requires native code.

To help give you an idea, here is a quick checklist of native and non-native features:

  • Accessing a customer’s location: Non-native
  • Accessing a customer’s camera or photos: Native
  • Passing control to a customer’s Facebook app for easy

Applying Agile Methodologies in Non-Agile Contractual Scenarios

Whenever we learn a new technique or process, we tend to begin by focusing on the “ideal” scenario or “pure” approach. Approaching a new idea in this way provides a basis for intellectual debate, opposing viewpoints and perhaps new conclusions, all without real world consequences. This approach also allows us to work out the underlying foundation of the technique, without having to worry about pesky details or complexities that might get us mired down and prevent any real progress. But as one of my Computer Science professors was fond of saying, “Only in theory, are theory and practice the same.” What works in the lab doesn’t always work in the real world, and what works great in one scenario doesn’t always fit every other scenario.

It is the same in Software Development. We learn new languages, methodologies, or techniques, debate the merits of one approach versus another, and often choose a favored path to focus on. “Agile” Development is a methodology that is currently favored by a large portion of the development community and continues to grow in popularity, while older approaches like “Waterfall” or “Plan-based” development are considered obsolete.

Proponents of Agile development often

15 Tips for Succeeding as an Independent App Developer

How can you succeed as an independent app developer when there is already more than a million apps in the Apple and Google Play App stores? Having interviewed more than 300 app entrepreneurs, I’ve rounded up the best tips from some of the most successful indie app developers to help you find success in today’s ever-changing mobile app space.

1. Study the bad apps.

Klicktock’s Matt Hall, the developer behind Crossy Road, suggests that you study not just the successful apps, but the horrible ones, too. Ask yourself what the app did wrong and make sure you don’t duplicate that same mistake.

Many people only study the top of the charts. Studying the bottom of the charts, however, will help you realize what not to do.

2. Increase output, decrease time.

Focus on creating simple apps that can be published in roughly six to eight weeks. This allows you to test many different ideas and create a portfolio of apps, which in turn will increase your likelihood of success.

3. Design is everything.

Philipp Stollenmayer, from kamibox, had two of his games featured by Apple in consecutive weeks and says, “design is everything.” Clean, flat, iOS 8 design with a good app name and

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The Best Advice on Resources I’ve found

How to Find a Good Mobile Phone Repair Service Company If you have bought an expensive brand smartphone, you do not expect it not to function as required. However, sometimes the phone may stop working properly due to different reasons. For example, the smartphone can fall down and its screen breaks. Another common cause of smartphone problems is wetness. When your phone is not working as expected, you should take it to a mobile repair professional. Poor audio quality, button issues, microphone issues and bad charging ports are among the common problems your smartphone may have. You should take your phone to be repaired by a professional specialized in the specific model. Otherwise, if you just choose any repair guy you come across, your phone may be damaged more. It is important to choose a mobile repair shop that has good reviews and is highly recommended. You can know of what to expect from the shop by reading its reviews on the Internet. Below are some things to consider when looking for a phone repair shop. Prompt and Reliable Service It is important to take your phone to a shop that is reliable and offers

The 10 Most Unanswered Questions about Radios

Getting More From Your Two Way Radio In the twenty first century, two way radios are more popular than ever before. They’re popular with hobbyists, truck drivers, and at work sites. Two way radios are easy to use, and they’re also very versatile. At the same time, though, every two way radio is unique. It’s your responsibility to do your research and find a two way radio that meets your demands. Get started by looking at price. Fortunately, a good two way radio does not need to be prohibitively expensive. By looking around, you can find a quality two way radio for your small business. To get the most out of your two way radio, you need to understand the value of etiquette. This is true for a plethora of reasons. If you expect people to take you seriously, you need to follow the protocol. If you are careless, you will sound inexperienced and weak. In some situations, poor etiquette can even be life threatening. Remember that two way radios are often used by emergency responders. In an emergency, it’s crucial that you enunciate properly. You also need to be as concise as possible. It’s

The sign movement

People tend to wonder among themselves what the very utmost popular type of sign is in the modern world. While many would tend to argue that the stop sign serves the greatest purpose, and has most likely prevented the largest amount of deaths among the other signs, it can also be argued that neon signs are really at the forefront of the sign movement. Neon signs tend to be the shiniest type of sign, and also attract the most attention to them, which is arguably the main purpose of a sign. neon sign repair fort myers fl has always held the notion that neon signs are the greatest kind of sign imaginable.

The 10 Best Resources For Images

The Importance of Images to a Website Pictures fundamentally enhance advanced advertising of numerous types, as they can satisfy various functions. Almost everyone will agree that images are important to a website. Pictures very valuable to a site. It is proving hard retaining people’s attention in today’s mobile device-driven world. Due to this, enterprises find it necessary to deliver information fast. The proverb, a picture speaks louder than a thousand words seems to be valid in this computerized world. Making use of superior quality images is an efficient way to improve your site’s visitor experience and also improve your SEO. Discussed in this article are the benefits of adding images to your website. You can easily assess the value of doing so through the enhanced quantity of leads your site converts and the higher search rankings it obtains. SEO includes shifting technique as web search engines experience changes in their algorithm. However, utilizing pictures to augment your content can support SEO. The popular tendency of searching for pictures online has essentially aided the use of pictures on websites. There is a connection between searching for images and organic rankings, the connection is adding relevant pictures to your

What I Can Teach You About Computers

Getting Your MacBook Repaired MacBooks are an Apple brand of computers which are usually popular among very many people. This is because they are very high performing though they are also prone to hardware failure. These computers may also suffer from simple damages that will need to be repaired as soon as possible in order to retain their performance. When your MacBook becomes faulty, one can get it repaired at a repair shop, Apple stores or Apple retailers. Repair shops are recommended as compared to the rest as it takes a shorter period of time to have them fixed and running again within no time. Most Apple computers suffer from screen damage which is very common among MacBook users These kinds of laptops are usually vulnerable to damage as they have screens that are light and delicate like those of any other laptop. Apple stores get a lot of screen repair requests from many clients as these computers can easily get damaged once they don’t take good care of them. Another common item that easily gets damaged is the keyboard. Common forms of abuse on the keyboard such as liquid spills are the ones that

How I Became An Expert on Software

Welcome to the World of the Raspbians The Raspberry Pi is the subject of different software that people wrote for. A Pi store, together with other game developers and media, is launched for developers of all ages for their convenience in sharing their games, applications, tools and tutorials with the public. The objective of the Pi store is to become a one-stop shop for all Raspberry Pi needs. This is an easier means to enter into Raspberry Pi experience for those beginners who will have everything they need to start in one store, without cost. The store enables users to download and upload information at their own texts and ready for release, and this is with the X application under Raspbian. Different utilities and classic games, and Raspberry Pi exclusive were available at 23 free titles during launch. A one piece commercial content was made available during the introduction. Young and creative people will now have a means to share their talents with a wider audience, and earn some income in the course, and this is the vision of the Pi store. To show their software to the Raspberry Pi market, the store offers this opportunity to

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Developers? This May Help

4 Features That Make Custom Mobile Apps Unique With the increasing use the internet and its related gadgets, it is worth noting the impressive percentage of mobile device usage. The millions of mobile phone is enough reason for app developers to continue with their work because of the guaranteed market. As a potential mobile apps user, having knowledge on what is entailed in developing the same is a good approach. While some developers base their development ideas on personal preferences, others prioritize the needs of intended users. Such developers spend a great deal of time developing customized applications. Right from the start, mobile app developers specialized in custom ones tend to base the development on user needs. A common basis for developing the apps under discussion is age whereby a user has to confirm the age before proceeding. The same approach applies to utility apps that are only specific to given professional tasks. Apart from professional work, it is also common for developers to target gamers with their applications. In most cases, it is rare for customized apps to perform multiple tasks based on their specialized nature. Developers focused on custom apps may end up

The Best Advice on Options I’ve found

Water Filters are Healthy Options for your Home Water filters are devices that are usually composed of porous materials and activated carbon that allows purifying liquid to which comes through taps. When water is passing through the filter, the machine will be the one to help in trapping particles which could be toxic or harmful to the health of a person. Few of these elements would be mud, sand, dust, chlorine, rust and even bacteria. The filter systems are actually something that are being marketed and needed and considered to be smart home products. Though this has a lot to do on the regulations and water treatment to where you live, it is a good idea that you have a filter system in your property which is not only going to help improve your health, but will also help save money through not having to buy bottled water. According to several studies made, having a filter system actually contributes to good physical health because people are going to drink a lot more than people that buys bottled water. By drinking a lot of water, it is able to help in lubricating the body, removing the toxins as

A Simple Plan: Systems

Why Companies Should Use Absence Management Programs Industry organizations have implemented absence management programs so that they can control absences which are due to illness or injury. What they seek to attain here is to target and mitigate unexplained, unscheduled and excessive absenteeism. These management programs cover a wide variety of absences for which they are referred to as Total Absence Management. There is also a Day One Absence Management which only focuses on rapid response for a narrow scope of absences. Brief illnesses and non-illness issues are dealt with in the casual absence management program which is something important for the two types of absence management programs. It is important to understand the words used in absence management. The absence management field makes use of some of these common words below. A subset of the absence management program is the disability programs which has a narrower scope. They use processes that reduce the cost impact of disability and provide means to promote optimal recovery and return to work.
Getting Down To Basics with Services
Health and productivity management is the integration of management, data, and services which related to all aspect of employee health

The Key Elements of Great Infographics

Different Beneficial Reasons Behind the Popularity of Infographics Infographics is known commonly in other words as information graphics actually became the most popular and effective tool when it comes to online communication. This kind of term actually refer on the visual or graphical representation with data or information. Yet this had been used even before the advent of technology, yet the presence of online tools made this simpler and easier. Just like people using diagrams and graphs in real life, they could be added towards online presentations as well. Rather than having to explain or present something in a written form, the use of attractive graphs and graphics is best. With careful observations of the world around you, you can easily tell on how popular and appealing the graphics are in our digital world today. It actually have been noticed that short and clearly written information together with interesting graphics is in fact more appealing compared to lengthy texts. The reason behind the popularity of infographics can be learned in the article below:
Case Study: My Experience With Data
The first thing is that pictures are easier to notice compared to words. This is just

Developers – My Most Valuable Tips

How To Be Successful In iOS App Development The way to a successful iOS app development for those who are lacking the skills to do so is through reading an iOS app development book and taking online classes for iOS app programming. Once you get the sufficient training and knowledge you are now ready in creating your own mobile iOS mobile application which you can market in the iOS application market. Books are available for your convenience so that you may learn the necessary skills and knowledge for iOS application development. However in order to climb that ladder of success in iOS development designing the application and developing it is just one of the steps you need to take. To better achieve success in this chosen field of programming below are the important factors that you should take into consideration so how to improve your success in your venture for mobile iOS app development. The following questions should be taken into consideration during the iOS application development:
What Almost No One Knows About Applications
Why would you possibly develop the particular application? Who are the possible uses of these iOS application once you have finished

A Beginners Guide To Sources

Updating Yourself Through Tech News

Those who are always looking for better websites are those avid fans who are fond of new technologies. The latest news in gadgets and gaming can be obtain through a list of criteria as a source of information. Let us briefly discuss a few of these source of information. Some are new to you, others you may have known already. The main purpose is through the list, you will find a good source of your questions of technologies, at the same time it will introduce you to a new line of developments.

In providing the best source of information about what is new in technology, websites are featuring the big companies. There are several new businesses in technology nowadays, but it is the top companies that are leading in the business that people who are into gadgets are following. You would know that the websites you are reading are knowledgeable in the business since they are following these front runner companies.

The other aspect of news in technology is the profiling also of the new upcoming entrepreneurs not only the big ones. Websites are to create a balance of these two ventures. You can

Tomerlin-ERP Delivers Report on What to Expect From Epicor 10.1 ERP System


TOPANGA, Calif. — Tomerlin-ERP, one of the world’s leading Epicor consultancies, issued a new report on the 10.1 release of the widely deployed enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. From offices in California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Utah, Canada, and Mexico, Tomerlin-ERP regularly assists businesses throughout North America with the installation, upgrading, maintenance, and customization of the Epicor ERP platform.

With the much-anticipated version 10.1 of Epicor now available to all, the new Tomerlin-ERP report details what those considering an upgrade or a new installation can expect. Despite being an ostensibly incremental upgrade over the already widely utilized 10.0 version of Epicor, the new update includes an all-new mobile framework that many are finding to be a valuable addition. The new Tomerlin-ERP report on Epicor 10.1 is available now at www.tomerlin-erp.com and delves into this and other important developments.

“As always, any new release of Epicor is a major event for the many organizations that rely on this powerful software system,” Tomerlin-ERP founder Monte Tomerlin said, “While each update tends to bring some important improvements, many Epicor users quite understandably wait to hear from others before making the leap themselves. We’re happy to report that we are finding the transition from Epicor 10

Looking On The Bright Side of Services

How Encryption Can Keep Your Emails Safe Despite all the free knowledge the Internet gives us, there is still the issue about privacy. Is there a way to still be updated without giving up private data? If your company uses email to communicate with clients, you would need to keep optimum security. A company should consider investing in an email encryption software. Email encryption is one way you can keep your electronic messages safe. This gives you an assurance that only the people who the messages are for can see them. An encryption system that was first invented in the early nineties later became one of the most used encryption tool in the world. It was the military who used encryption in the past. It was a tool that was used to keep essential information safe. Nowadays, small and large business and homes use this system because of its importance. Email encryption is being used by both companies and people for varying reasons.
How I Became An Expert on Data
The most known type of email encryption is asymmetric encryption. This system is able to encode outgoing emails electronically. Only the intended recipient

Learning The “Secrets” of Servers

The Basic Facts on Cloud Computing There is really many different kinds of factors and aspects that you will want to keep into mind of when it comes down to cloud computing because this is something that is in many of our lives and we hear about this every single day. So what actually is cloud computing and why is this something that is very important for you to be able to keep into mind of? Also it is important to know that there is actually quite a few people out there that want to know more about cloud computing and why this is such an important thing. Believe it or not but there are many different kinds of companies out there that really uses cloud computing for a lot of different kinds of things and there are many industries that actually rely on cloud computing as well. Most companies within the country are using cloud computing in some form or another, so it is important to keep that into thought because this is such an important service that a lot of companies are relying on nowadays and this is only becoming more and more important. And

If You Read One Article About Sites, Read This One

Web Proxies and What Benefits You Can Enjoy By Making Use of Them

The term web proxies is definitely something that many people on the internet at this point in time, would have heard countless of times. In addition to having no clue on how these proxies actually work, many of us also have no idea regarding the benefits that they can offer. So if you are someone that has been curious for quite some time regarding the benefits of web proxies, then here are a few interesting things that you should know.

Perhaps the most popular use and benefit that people enjoy with these proxies, is the way they are able to solve the problem that many people have regarding restrictions that they are able to experience when exploring the internet. A good example of this is the fact that there are countless websites on the internet today that prevent people from accessing the content that they have by blocking their IPs. Basically, you will be able to gain access to that particular content if you use a good proxy, because you’ll be able to bypass the IP blocks that they do. This can be very handy if you

Lessons Learned About Sales

Vacuum Cleaning Using Robotics A robotic vacuum cleaner is an electronic cleaning tool that employs some intelligence in performing cleaning operations. The robotic works on a limited system of cleaning since it is programmed to apply a form of intelligence to locate the dirt. The robotic is different from other vacuum cleaners since it can do cleaning duties without a full operation from a human being. Other than doing the cleaning work it has been programmed to do, a robotic cleaner can adapt to its immediate surroundings. A robotic vacuum cleaner can be used to clean different types of surfaces. The most common surfaces are carpets and hard floors. However, there are robotic cleaners that are specially designed to clean pets. As suggested by the name, robotic vacuum cleaners use the concept of vacuuming in cleaning. Vacuuming simply means applying suction to attract dirt into the cleaner. Programmed intelligence then lets the cleaner place the dirt in a bin. There are some robotics that have the ability to locate their storage areas and place themselves there once cleaning is over. Notable though is the fact that there exist robotic cleaners that can communicate through spoken words to

5 Takeaways That I Learned About Equipment

The Best Quality Robot Vacuums It is worth noting that to be living in our current day and age is a privilege, this is because the quality of life is greatly enhanced by the various technological advances that make our life easier day by day, whereas these will include innovative machines in different spheres, such as those used to make patients feel comfortable and feel better whenever they are sick in the health sector, great learning tools in the education sector among many others. It is fascinating to appreciate the fact that these great technological advancements have found their way into the hygiene sector whereby a person is able to maintain a clean environment inside their lovely homes, this will include dust that generally accumulates over time, fur for those people who have kept furry animals as pets as this may proof allergic to some members of the household or even their friends. The machine used conventionally to clean floors from dust and fur from furry animals has been the vacuum cleaner which has to have someone pushing it around the house to all the corners that need to be cleaned, whereas this works for

What Research About Companies Can Teach You

Easy Steps in Repairing Easy Computer Problems Computers are very essential for our everyday use now a day because almost everything is done online and because of this, we must learn some tips on how we can solve the simple problems of our computers at home. There are now some simple repair tips on how to get easy repair tips for our computers so that we may learn it and we may apply it in our computers so that we can save time and money in going to repair shops. One of the most common problems that we are encountering now in our computers are the malwares and viruses that are infecting the memory and files of our computers and with this, you can download free antivirus software online that are safe. If you are in doubt for some antivirus or malware software that you can find for free over the internet, you may use a website that tests the software’s credibility and safety to run and install it into your computer so that it will be safe. Now a day, you can be able to purchase online top brands of antivirus and software that